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A feature documentary about the dehumanization of our society through the lens of professional sport

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Once a public example of grit, teamwork, and fair play, a huge hunk of spectator sports has devolved into a gladiator pit of objectification, distraction, and rude behavior. The continual prioritization of revenue over the good of people, which has ravaged communities across the country, is perhaps most evident in the world sports, where objectification of players for the sake of wins happens in plain view, has become normalized, and seems to be sanctioned by the media and the leagues. Fans are now getting more involved as their money and ego enters the equation through betting, fantasy leagues, and more.

Athletes are talked about like stock and often treated like animals. When careers wind down, these men are no longer needed and are cast out. Their challenges, however, do not fade like the spotlight.

No big deal? Just part of the game? Think again. What happens in the stadium affects all fans of the sport and contributes to the fracturing our entire nation. However, somewhere amidst the trash heap of lost values may lie a sliver of hope for both sport and our country.