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A feature documentary about the normalization of dehumanization by professional sport

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Once a public example of grit, teamwork, and fair play, spectator sports have devolved, in many cases, into gladiator pits of dehumanization, distraction, and rude behavior. The prioritization of revenue over the good of people is perhaps most evident in the world of pro-sports where objectification of players by owners and sportscasters is commonplace. Fans take out their work and life problems on atheletes as if they were “stress balls.” All this an more has become normalized and is largely ignored by the media and the leagues.

Athletes are revered by gods when they win, hated on when they err, and disregarded like unwanted Christmas presents when they retire. Their challenges, however, do not fade like the spotlight. Physical and emotional pain, inability to get a job or cope with challenging circumstances, and in many cases thoughts of premature death, awaits an astounding amount of our men.

Just part of the game? Think again. What happens to any person, especially those in the stadium, on TV, and in the public eye, has a profound effect on our society. Is it a coincidence that America faces massive challenges of violence, separation, and disillusionment? How much does pro sports have do to with where we are as a country? Much more than we think.