About Me

My mission is to help all people remember who they really are as human beings, find within them their brightest light and shine it upon others to facilitate the positive, global shift. This video, for my Systems Busters series, kind of explains me in a nutshell.


Act 1 of my Earth Movie

Always a seeker, though I'm not sure I knew it at the time, I found myself living and working in a new continent every couple years, absorbing their languages, customs and perspectives. I whizzed through my bucket list: running with the bulls, diving with great whites, biking across entire countries, learning several foreign languages. I drank it in, figuratively and literally, from Ibiza to Oktoberfest, while working jobs with a tech start-up and in high end fashion. However, an unexpected dream message made its way into my subconscious - take a look at acting. With some hesitance, I headed back to my birthplace of New York City, and began to explore the world of the dramatic arts.

A Path to the World Within

The emotional and internal journey that followed both surprised and deepened me. Through acting, dance, singing, and inner exploration I began to know myself. After performing in several plays in New York, it felt right to try out the movie business. I went to LA, acted in TV and film, but seeing the potential to send more positive messaging to the world, was drawn to start creating a producing. I started a film company. It was those up and down times that helped me return to my Jedi training and search for truth and meaning in life. I started transforming my cells with many practices from meditation and martial arts.  The hot air balloon carrying my life began to soar as I cut off more and more of the emotional sandbags of the past. I began to feel the desire to share all that I was helping me grow, to serve others, and to use my skills to contribute to the world in this crazy time of turmoil.

Carolynana and me.jpg

Stepping into service

A short time later The Creator hit me with a thunderbolt and turned my life into stardust. Watch the video above to see how that happened! I left my LA life, Hollywood dreams, and financial security to saddle up for my Divine purpose, which is to serve the global family by sharing wisdom and stories, in person and through films, that lift the veil on this earth experience, ease suffering, facilitate healing and guide others toward the Light and their light. I have committed my life to empower our global family and to do my part to joyfully assist the world's positive transformation!