Television Shows in Development

I'm currently looking for the right production company and network to bring forth these powerful programs for humanity.


Common Thread

Logline: Two activist filmmakers, of different backgrounds, lifestyles, and ways of working, unite to illuminate commonalities in the most unsuspecting places and humanity in the most inflammatory people. Moving beyond soundbites and biting rhetoric, Michael Matucci and Jesse Lipscombe will bring forth the deeper truths and essences of the leaders on both sides of the most hotly debated issues in North America and show that they are much more alike than anyone would have imagined.

video password: somethingNEW



The Systems Busters web series is also primed to be a television show. Indigenous elders, activists, environmentalists, healers, scholars and epic people from across the English speaking world share hidden and hard to hear truths about what is happening on the ground level, beyond our view, and share ideas, wisdom and inspiration of how we can all positively shift this world one by one.




Baltimore was declared America's most violent city in 2017, grabbing attention too for the Freddie Gray riots and the HBO crime series, The Wire.  However, beyond the statistics and sound bites, groups of people are mobilizing to change things on the ground level, and they are breaking barriers to do it: former criminals and their victims, police and the men they arrested, people at odds are having together to save the one thing they all share, the city they grew up in.