Now that we know what's up, let's do something about it!

Films open the awareness and the campaigns continue the conversation and provide a place for community, ideas, inspiration and action.

Systems Busters

Most people are running from or screaming about the injustice in our world; however, most don't know that we can do something about it. This campaign shares indigenous stories and wisdom from many of the elders, activists and scholars who are standing up for the earth, their people and all of our global family. The idea is to broaden the voice of the First Nations people and connect, inspire and empower initiatives and activists everywhere. These sites are just the beginning. This campaign is in conjunction with the documentary You've Been Colonized.

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Heart Talk Campaign

(coming soon)

Most of the time we are on autopilot and regurgitating common phrases devoid of any meaning - hello, how are you, hot outside, eh? Ugh. Are we really connecting? Straight Talk is a campaign to encourage folks to speak authentically and from the heart! Affiliated with the soon to be released comedy film Straight Talk Express, this campaign will share stories of courage, where people reach out to an old acquaintance in a new way, and share the results! Social media to come.