Despite the growing efforts to make laws and increase awareness, plastic pollution is clogging waterways, choking wildlife, and contaminating our bodies at an exponential rate. It's time to make the problem of plastic personal.


Since I was a kid…

I’ve always hated when people left trash around. More driven from my father’s demand for tidiness than the environment, it drove me nuts! I became an avid recycler, but over time was shocked to learn how little that’s working. As the deleterious effects of plastic on the land, seas, and animals were made evident to me my concern grew, but when I found out what it was doing to our bodies, as a trained biologist, health nut, and defender of the vulnerable, my internal speakers went to full blast.

The plan for this documentary to is to visit with real people whose lives have been seismically shifted by plastic contamination. Scientists and healers will highlight the true physical, emotional, and mental ramifications of contact of simple items found in every household, indigenous elders and energy workers will share a deeper perspective about how also the health of Mother Earth impacts our well-being, and investigators and environmentalists will open our eyes to the forces obscuring the truth from your view and how long it's been going on.

Then, we'll get into solutions! We'll empower people with the tools and knowledge they need to move away from consumer plastics and into healthier habits for themselves, their families, and our environment. And for those who want to take it a step further, you'll be inspired by the stories of change makers in action. Hopefully, everybody's lights will go on.

Below is an example of one such problem and remedy that most of us probably never contemplated!


Here's another message from a community leader, mother, and super-citizen, who I filmed in Porirua, New Zealand.

The Power of Plastic is a documentary feature film, which could also be aired as a web series, that is in development. I am currently looking for the aligned partners to bring this project to life. Might you know someone who could help? Might that be you? Reach out!