Online series of truth and empowerment, where indigenous people and heart-centered change-makers bright to light hidden history, offer stories not covered by the press, and wisdom that can help us positively shift our planet!

First Episodes!

First Nations elders, healers, environmentalists, and scholars share the actual state of the world, not the "official story" that is emitted on television and printed in newspapers, and share how deep the rabbit hole goes. Stories from present day dating back to the mid-1800s detail a hidden history of oppression for money and control that is very much resulting in society's greatest challenges!

Good thing is that they have solutions, and they aren't always what you'd expect. There is much more that we, in our everyday lives, without going to the front lines and starting new lives of service, can do to increase our personal power, reclaim our rights and make a difference in our communities and our world!

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Many more episodes and a bigger project to follow!

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