Ever wanted to make a difference in the world and didn't know how? I spent years of my life in that space! What did I found out? It's not the job of any one person. It truly takes a village - people of different talents and experiences, contacts and resources - to move the needle on any one issue. 

Though I have protagonized this work thus far, I do not consider it mine. These messages are coming to and through me.  It is grand effort that I am fortunate to be leading at this moment, but others who want to shift the consciousness of our community will be needed to complete this mission.

The screen - TV, computer, mobile - is where people are at, and thus reachable. I am sitting on heaps of incredible footage and much more is busting to come through me in this chaotic time. Do you feel called to equip people with knowledge and tools to shape their lives and empower others? Let's join forces.


Companies or individuals with time to contribute, there are many areas of need including, but not limited to, video editing and post-production, social media management, producing, writing and fundraising. I am open to many potential types of partnership arrangements. Please reach out!

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If you are short on time but can help us pay hires to complete the jobs, this subscription campaign is a most helpful way to do that! Offerings no matter the size are richly welcomed. It's about the energy, and you will be truly part of the team moving forward!

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You can also make a one-time contribution via PayPal, Venmo, check, or credit / debit card.

Large contributions qualify for a tax write-off thanks to my non-profit sponsor, to whom you can donate on my behalf.

I’m tremendously honored to have a community of people who value the work that is coming through, and I look forward to taking our conversation in new directions!

Love and Gratitude to You Today!