About Me

My mission is to help all people remember who they really are as human beings, find their brightest light within and shine it upon others to facilitate the positive, global shift


Citizen of the World

I wouldn't call myself a world traveler; rather, I am an experiencer of worlds. Living in five continents and learning as many languages brought me deep insight into human behavior and psychology. When it seemed like I might run out of time before I sampled the entire planet, I moved into the dramatic arts where I could dive into and explore different people and places without leaving the theater. And then my journey took me within - meditation, breathwork, yoga, mantra - and into the widest world of them all, into my soul.

There's no degree for this

Though I have received university level educations in Biology, Leadership and Acting, I did not achieve many big degrees, or reach any spectacular success by today's standards. However, I experienced life on a level beyond dreams. I drank it in. I ran with the bulls, dove with great whites, crossed countries on mountain bike and meditated for three years without missing a day. I do not look for titles and awards to validate my path. The dirt is on my shoes, and I continue into the next frontier!

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Stepping into service

Not too long after I asked for my planetary purpose, it hit me like a thunderbolt and turned my life into stardust. Watch the video below to see how that happened! I now feel called to share synthesize the incredible wisdom, information and experiences I received into films, videos and speeches, designed for the masses, the regular people, the seekers, the insatiable, the pissed-off and anyone ready for change. I have committed my entire life to empower our global family and do my part to positively shift this planet.