Film documentary and online series blowing open the true history of the colonization of the indigenous people and how it reveals the ongoing "take" mindset that got the world to this crazy place.  Thankfully, there is hope! Ancient wisdom from First Nations people can show us another way.

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Wow. What a ride it's been. Political chicanery at never before seen levels. Police attacking peaceful activists and journalists with mace, rubber bullets and chemically laden freezing water. Cops killing unarmed motorists at traffic stops. Tap water in Michigan and other states that we are told is clean but when it is making people sick. Frequent violence in public that seems to have no meaningful motivation. Why is this all happening now, and is it all related somehow?

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Talk to First Nations elders, and they'll tell you that this state of violence, control and abuse is exactly how it's always been. Impossible to believe? Spend some time with the people on the ground, in the trenches for decades and you'll see a different side to your country.  Sharing months with and living in the homes of elders, activists, environmentalists and scholars, I learned about a myriad of topics not addressed even in the alternative media, much less the main media. It's humbling and harrowing.

Stories from present day dating back to the mid-1800s detail a history of oppression of First Nations people that we cannot even fathom. Authorities were abusing power, killing others, depriving them of rights, stealing their property and stripping them of their culture, language and dignity. Horrific, you say, but surely, that's a distant memory, no? Unfortunately, the mindset that led to these actions on First Nations people, of profit and power at all costs, including controlling people or pushing them out of the way, was then applied to women, then to African-Americans and now, believe it or not, are being subtly applied to everyone today.

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But, there is hope! Their ancient prophesies have told of great change at this moment in time. We are not powerless! Yet, to create change on the planet we have to know the truth about our history, ourselves and our potential as a community. It's much bigger than anyone has ever told you!  Their wisdom can help us tap into our power and positively shift our world, even before we leave the living room.

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This video depicts the situation that originally drew me to the aboriginal people and changed my life forever. Currently, this drama is being played out in the court system, and this video helped get this situation on the map with the institutions implicated within